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Pico 755nm Treatment 

Pico 755nm Treatment Face & Neck Treatment : $109

Eyebrow tattoo removal $327 per pair
Eyeliner tattoo removal $327 per pair
Body Tattoo removal : Price variable

UNDERARM HAIR REMOVAL $65.40 per treatment

Non Surgical Face Lift


Fractional RF

Face and neck treatment

S$872 per treatment

requires 45 minutes to complete treatment

A+ RF eyebrow lift


Treatment time 1 hour


Eyebag Reduction

Reduction of Triangular fat pad between eyebag and cheek S$3270

Jowls Reduction 

Double Chin Reduction

Naso Labial Fold reduction S$872

Treatment time : 40 min


BC RF Facelift Treatment

Face and Neck treatment 

$872 per treatment, face and neck
requires 90 minutes to complete treatment

NON SURGICAL FACE LIFT using ultrasound FDA approved from USA

Ultrasound lift face and neck $2398
requires 2 hour to complete treatment

Abdomen Body Contouring S$109

This procedure takes 30 to 50 minutes per treatment session.


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