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Pico Laser
We h
ave 2 picolasers, 1064 and 755nm.
Picolaser 755 is used in pigment treatment. 

Picolaser 1064 Face & Neck Treatment :$108
Picolaser 755 Face & Neck Treatment : $108

Pico 755 forearm and hand treatment : S$108

Eyebrow tattoo removal $324 per pair
Eyeliner tattoo removal $324 per pair
Body Tattoo removal : Price variable

ULTHERA, HIFU, Infrared and MHz RF

Face and Neck lift treatments

BC RF Facelift Treatment

Face and Neck treatment included

$864 per treatment, face and neck

Eyebag Reduction Treatment

One treatment every 2 to 3 weeks

S$108 per treatment

Abdomen Body Contouring S$108

This procedure takes 50 minutes per treatment session.

ARM contour treatment: $216 per session
Thigh contour treatment: $216 per session

 Buttock Lift Contour: $216 per session

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